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FrequentlyAsked Questions

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1. Is Easby Healthcare registered with appropriate bodies?                                      2. What areas do you cover?

Yes. Easby Healthcare is registered with, and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You can find their contact details in the address part of your handbook. CQC will regularly inspect the service we are providing to ensure we are delivering the quality of care we promised to you as well as ensuring we are meeting legislative standards.

CQC may wish to obtain your thoughts about our services as part of their inspection. We would always ask your permission in advance of an inspection.

Our last CQC inspection took place on 31st October 2016 with the inspection report being published January 2017. We received an overall rating of 'Good' and aim to achieve 'Outstanding' during our next inspection. The report is available for you to read via the link on our home page.

We are also registered with North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to provide care and support services in the community. NYCC also facilitate regular inspections to ensure we are meeting local authority standards as a provider of care. Our last inspection took place in June 2016 where we received a 'glowing' report.

We provide home care, sleepover services (including waking night care) and supported living services, within a 20 mile radius of our Richmond office.We are a local provider, so we can ensure we are able to put you first.

We can cover outside of this area, so don’t despair if you live a little further afield.  

3. How do you recruit support workers?                                                                   4. Will I be able to choose who supports me?

All our support workers must pass a thorough and rigorous screen and interview process. We are only satisfied a candidate is suitable to support you, following a successful interview and receipt of a minimum of 2 satisfactory references, including a work reference, along with a Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS) and Independent Safeguarding Authority check (ISA). DBS replaced the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks.

We also believe in recruiting those who demonstrate empathy and a caring nature.

Yes you will. Depending upon your needs, you will have one or two main support workers and several part time support workers. It is important that you have a number of staff who are familiar to you and that you are comfortable with. This will ensure continuity of your care should your worker fall ill or go on holiday.

If you wish, we can provide you with a photograph of your support worker/s so that you always know who to expect.

5. I am worried about a stranger coming into my home to                                      6. What if I don’t get on with my support worker?

care for me...

Please don’t worry. We thoroughly vet all of our staff to ensure you will not be put at risk. We also enable you and your support worker time to ‘get to know one another’. It is important that you are comfortable with the person coming into your home to support you.

Before we place a support worker in your home we try to ensure that we have found someone suitable. We will arrange for you to meet your support worker before they start to care for you. This will enable you to ask your own questions and ensure that you are happy with your new support worker.

However, sometimes we understand that you and your support worker may not ‘get on’. You can contact us at any time should you have any concerns. We will continue to have regular contact with you and your support worker throughout your care package, and if it isn’t working as well as it should, we will try to rectify the problem. If we are unable to do this, we will endeavour to find you another, more suitable support worker within the next 24 - 48 hours.

7. What training will my support worker receive?                                                     8. What is the dress code of my support worker?

We believe it is important that your Support Workers have the knowledge and skills appropriate to your needs. All your support workers will receive standard training as listed below:-

  • First Aid
  • Fire
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Infection Control
  • Safe Handling of Medication
  • Safe Guarding Adults
  • Deprivation of Liberties
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Confidentiality
  • Manual Handling
  • Dementia
  • Incontinence Aids Awareness

Training in any specific needs you may have is also provided. We aim to give you the best. All our support workers receive regular support and guidance.

Our support workers wear a uniform consisting of a tunic or polo shirt with black trousers. All support workers carry with them an identification badge with a photograph so they are easily identifiable to you (where relevant, badges will be written in braille).

Support workers will wear disposable gloves for certain aspects of personal care and for preparing your food (along with an apron). This will ensure we are helping to maintain your well being.

9. What will happen if my support worker falls ill?                                                   10. Are support workers able to drive?

We strongly believe in continuity of care. Sometimes your support worker may fall ill. If this should happen, we will promptly bring in another support worker to care for you until your usual support worker has recovered. We will ensure you are aware of any changes to your usual rota of Support Workers. As explained in Question 4, we will ensure you have a small team of Support Workers who are familiar to you and how to care for you.

If your support worker is going on holiday we will ensure that you are consulted with and are happy with your ‘replacement’ support worker.

Many of our support workers are able to drive. If you wish for a support worker to drive your own car, we are able to assist, providing the car is appropriately insured and maintained (we are able to support you with this).

If a support worker uses their own car, we will ensure the car is taxed, maintained and appropriately insured. There is a small incremental mileage cost to cover the running costs of the vehicle. All our drivers must pass a competency test and driving safety awareness course.

In either case we would discuss this with you and carry out a risk assessment, ensuring any driver has a clean licence.

11. How long does a support worker stay?​                                                                  12. Do you provide short term care?

This is your choice and is dependent upon your needs and wishes. We will discuss this with you when we meet to assess the care and support you require.

Easby Healthcare prides itself on providing flexible and reliable care and

support packages. We offer continuing care and support on an indefinite basis, enabling you the freedom and of being able to remain living in your own home.

Yes we do. This may be after a stay in hospital or respite care, to give family members or carers a holiday.

We are fully committed to your needs and preferences, and understand that levels of care may need to change. We always put your needs first.

13. How much does live in care cost?​                                                                       14. How do you know if I am happy with the care and support I


The cost of your care depends upon a number of factors such as the level of care and support required, the nature of your disabilities and so forth. Please do not worry as we can help you with this through social services.

We will maintain regular contact with you, and where appropriate, your family, to ensure you are satisfied.

We want to ensure that you are able to ‘have your say’ about the level of care and support you receive and that you feel comfortable in approaching us if you have any queries or concerns. It is extremely important to us you feel confident that we will take appropriate action if you have any concerns.

From time to time we will send you a confidential customer survey. The survey will be in a format appropriate to your needs (this may be pictorial, braille and so forth).

 15. What if I want to make a complaint?

We endeavour to provide you with the highest of standards but we do understand that at times we may not get it right.

It is important to us that you feel able to speak to us when you need too.

This is why we keep in regular contact with you.

We take any complaint or concern seriously and hope to resolve any issues you may have, to your satisfaction. If this should not be the case, we feel it is important that you are aware as to who else you are able to make a complaint to.

You will be provided with a step by step guide to making a complaint and the complaints procedure in your welcome pack song with user friendly complaints forms. Your handbook also contains information about how to contact CQC if you have any concerns you would prefer to be managed by the Commission. We will also explain this to you during your initial visit.

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We hope to have answered all of your questions. If not, you can visit us at the office, telephone us or you can arrange for us to visit you at home where we will be happy to help.